Transgender Rights

I am fully committed to achieving equality across all aspects of our society, including for the LGBT community and transgender people.

The UK has a strong record in terms of LGBT rights and human rights and I am keen for us to make the case across the globe to ensure that LGBT people, wherever they live, are safe to go about their lives without fear of crime or harassment. 

I welcome the progress we have made as a society and as a town here in Southport in advancing trans equality. I know my colleagues in the Government Equalities Office are committed to ensuring transgender adults are free to live their lives without fear of persecution.  

This being said, I recognise that more must be done to help transgender people with the unique and often difficult challenges that they face. I also understand that colleagues in the Government Equalities Office will be in a position to publish the response to the Gender Recognition Act consultation this summer.

I do not wish to pre-empt the consultation response but will take the time to study the detail of it in due course.