Royal Mail & 2nd Class Mail

I have received a number of emails from constituents regarding Royal Mail and whether they will continue to deliver in Southport during the lockdown period. 

Royal Mail have confirmed to me that they will be continuing to work during the pandemic. This is to help keep businesses operating whilst helping those who are unable to leave their homes remain connected to families and friends. 

Royal Mail are working to the preventive guidance which has been issued by Public Health England and have adjusted their parcel handling procedures, as well as issuing guidance to their staff on how they can stop the spread of COVID-19. The service has also advised staff that good hand hygiene is the most important line of defence and the most useful method of protecting employees and households, and they have introduced strict social distancing rules, including making sure that there is only one postal worker per vehicle at any one time. 

As this is a fast-moving situation, Royal Mail has said that it will continue to monitor its policies in line with health advice and I will continue to liaise with the depo in Southport to address constituents concerns.

Further information from Royal Mail and their response can be found here: https://www.royalmail.com/coronavirus

If you are a constituent and you have a concern regarding Royal Mail, or the delivery of letters and parcels during this lockdown period, please contact my office.