Airline Bailouts

I have received a number of emails from constituents regarding Government financial assistance for airlines. 

The aviation sector is important to the UK economy, and like other sectors of the economy it will be able to draw upon the unprecedented package of measures that the Chancellor has announced to support businesses through the coronavirus outbreak. He has written to airline operators advising them on the steps they could take if they come into financial difficulty. 

The Chancellor has made clear that while the Government is willing to consider the situation of individual firms, airlines must in the first instance have exhausted all other methods of help. These would include using the measures the Government has already announced, such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which offers firms financial support to retain furloughed employees, and contacting existing investors to ask for additional capital. 

This is a fast-moving situation and I will continue to monitor it closely, but I recognise the importance of the aviation industry both in creating jobs and in improving regional connectivity.

If you are a constituency and you have a concern regarding travel or the government support for passengers or airlines during as a result of Covid-19, please contact my office.