Southport Town Deal is forming plans for £25m investment - we'd love to hear what you think

An aerial view of Southport, showing King's Gardens and the Marine Lake

Damien Moore is urging local residents to share their views on the best ways to spend millions of pounds to regenerate Southport.

The Southport MP secured the opportunity for the town to put together suitable projects for up to £25million under the Towns Fund in July last year.

Southport was one of 100 towns selected to benefit from the £3.6 billion Towns Fund.

A Southport Town Deal Board was subsequently set up to consult with local residents, businesses and organisations ahead of formalising which schemes to press ahead with.

Consultation on the initial ideas will run from Monday 29th June to Monday 20th July.

Damien Moore said: “Securing the opportunity to access £25million was a great coup for Southport.

“Southport people now have to get on board and give their views on where they want to see the money being spent.

“The Southport Town Deal board has been set up to look at all of the available options before coming up with schemes which will really help to drive the regeneration of our town.

“The funding on its own will not complete everything we want to achieve in Southport but I hope it will act as a springboard to attract further private investment, attract more visitors and create more jobs and opportunities for local people. 

“Southport Town Deal was really important for the future of Southport when we initially secured it. But now the Coronavirus outbreak has taken place it has become even more vital that we do all we can to help to kick-start the recovery of Southport as rapidly and as effectively as we can.

“Southport has lots of things in its favour to suggest we face a really bright future if we get this right. I hope local people, businesses and organisations really engage with the Southport Town Deal board and consultation process and let them know their views.”

On June 15 Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government Simon Clarke MP announced further Towns Fund guidance which sets out the key information local leaders need to prepare for a Town Deal and develop proposals in the form of a Town Investment Plan.

It came on the same day that non-essential shops began to reopen as they look to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Through the guidance, communities, businesses and local leaders will now be able to work together and draw up ambitious plans to transform their town’s economic growth prospects with a focus on improved transport, broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

Simon Clarke MP, Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government said: “Ensuring that every part of this country has the opportunity to grow and prosper is at the heart of the mission of this Government, and our Towns Fund is an essential part of making sure that our communities have the level of investment they need to drive jobs and economic growth.

“Investment in our towns is needed more than ever as we move to the next stage of the economic recovery from Covid-19, and the Fund will play an important part in the kick-starting of our economic recovery and levelling up our regions.

“With this new guidance, communities, businesses and local leaders will now be able to work together to draw up their ambitious plans to bring investment and growth to their local area”.


On 27 July 2019 Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the £3.6 billion Towns Fund would support an initial 100 Town Deals across England. See further details of the announcement.

A Town Deal is an agreement in principle between Government, the Lead Council and the Town Deal Board. It will set out a vision and strategy for the town, and what each party agrees to do to achieve this vision.