Southport MP stands firm against further home building in Southport 


Damien Moore has spoken out against further housing developments in Southport. Earlier this year Sefton Council’s planning committee contentiously passed a vote permitting the construction of over 300 new-build homes in Churchtown despite strong local opposition. 

Southport MP Damien Moore has spoken out against further construction works across the borough. 

Mr Moore said “Southport is prey to the whims of the Labour-controlled council posted in Bootle. Only a remote entity could have passed such a disastrous vote as the one earlier this year permitting new developments. The plans were ill conceived and poorly planned and will undoubtedly make our town worse for them. The Labour council rode roughshod over local opposition here in Southport. They do not have our interests at heart and I stand with residents and Conservative councillors and say enough is enough.”