Scarisbrick Hotel asylum seekers relocated after months of lobbying

The Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport
  • Scarisbrick Hotel will shortly become available to visits again as asylum aeekers are relocated by Serco and the Home Office.
  • The town centre hotel has accommodated up to 150 people since May 2020.
  • Damien Moore MP and his caseworkers had raised concerns with the Home Office and Serco about the accommodation being unsuitable following hundreds of emails from constituents.
  • The concerns ranged from safety and security, to suitability, and problems communicating advice about coronavirus and social distancing.
  • The MP has now received confirmation that the Asylum Seekers have been relocated.

The Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport will soon become available to visitors again.

The hotel on Lord Street was designated as temporary accommodation for up to 150 asylum seekers in May last year through an arrangement between Serco and the Home Office.

Southport MP Damien Moore has now received confirmation from Serco and the Home Office that all asylum seekers have now been successfully relocated.

He said: “I have managed to secure confirmation that the asylum seekers at the Scarisbrick Hotel have now been relocated.

“This follows months of lobbying by my caseworkers on behalf of local residents who have raised concerns about the asylum seekers living conditions at the hotel, the suitability of their accommodation, and what plans were in place to communicate advice about coronavirus and social-distancing.

“I have every sympathy for those asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution and we rightly should help them in every way we can - my office has supported a number of asylum seekers with a range of concerns and issues over the last twelve months.

“However, it was not practical to place up to 150 asylum seekers in the Scarisbrick Hotel during the national lockdown with no realistic timeframe of when they would be properly housed or integrated into society. Some of the conditions I was made aware of by both asylum seekers and residents were far from acceptable.

“My caseworkers have been communicating with the Home Office and Serco throughout the last twelve months to express residents’ and asylum seekers concerns and to secure a better outcome. I am pleased to see that the situation has now been resolved and that the asylum seekers have been provided with more suitable accommodation.

“I would like to thank those constituents who contacted me about this issue and I would like to wish those asylum seekers that stayed at the hotel the very best of luck.”