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Reduced Opening Hours at Southport Police Station


Member of Parliament for Southport, Damien Moore, has today responded to the announcement that Southport Police Stations opening times are to be reduced indefinitely.

In an open letter to the Police Commissioner for Merseyside, Jayne Kennedy, and senior Police Officers, the Southport MP referred to the ‘eye-watering’ 116-hour reduction in opening times at the seaside station since the Commissioner was first elected.

The MP also accused the former Labour Commissioner of operating in ‘bad faith’ after police taxes were increased on Southport residents only eight-weeks prior to the announcement.

Commenting, Damien Moore MP said:

“The decision to reduce opening times at the station came as a surprise to many of my constituents and was particularly concerning to many elderly residents who are often the victims of crime. As you know, this decision will leave the majority of Southport constituency without a significant Police presence and a severe lack of access to police officers in times of crisis.”

“I believe that keeping Southport Police Station open throughout the week is absolutely critical to the safety and well-being of my constituents. It is also essential that Police Officers are based within the constituency to ensure that they can react promptly to ongoing crimes and to patrol neighbourhoods.”

“it will not have escaped your notice that many local residents believe that Southport policing teams are already regularly deployed to other areas in Merseyside, leaving the town and its residents feeling unsafe.”

Residents are now being asked to write to the Police Commissioner for Merseyside to request an urgent review of opening times at the station.


Media queries should be directed to Damien Moore MP at