Prime Minister praises MP in his campaign to get access for all funding at Hillside station


Prime Minister Theresa May today welcomed the announcement that Hillside Station has been allocated a proportion of funds from the Access for All scheme set up by the Department of Transport.

Speaking at Prime Ministers Questions, Damien Moore MP asked the Prime Minister if she would first congratulate those who had helped in the campaign for Hillside Station to gain allocation of funds in order for it to be accessible for disabled and elderly people before making the case for all stations across the United Kingdom to be accessible.

Following his question on whether there would be a continued increase in funds for all stations around the country, the Prime Minister replied that an increase of near £900 million would be becoming available for more stations to become accessible for everyone.

The announcement comes after the sixth round of funding has been announced for stations across the country of which Hillside was a part of.

Since his election, the Southport MP has consistently been a champion for stations across the constituency to be accessible for all of his constituents and will be continuing with the campaign so that all residents are able to use the rail network in a safe and comfortable manner.


For more information please contact Damien Moore MP at or at 4 Post Office Avenue, Southport, PR9 0US.