MP’s survey shows that Southport residents would reject the Prime Minister’s Deal

Damien Moore MP with the Houses of Parliament in the background

Southport MP Damien Moore has for the past month hosted an online survey about Brexit.

In the survey, Mr Moore has asked residents to give him their views on Brexit including whether they support the Prime Minister’s deal and on what terms they think that Britain should leave the European Union.

Mr Moore has previously set out his position stating that he would vote down the Prime Minister’s deal over the contentious backstop proposal. The Southport MP has contended that this provision endangers the union of the United Kingdom and should be renegotiated.

The results of the Brexit survey show a great deal of support for Mr Moore’s position. Residents have overwhelmingly rejected the backstop and consider the Prime Minister’s deal unacceptable.

Almost three-times as many residents favour leaving the European Union without a deal than holding a second referendum.

Commenting on the results of the survey Damien Moore said “I am unsurprised by the resident’s responses to my survey. I have always advocated that the Prime Minister’s deal in its current form is unworkable, even dangerous to our union. This is a concern that is clearly felt by the residents of Southport.

The people of Southport have no appetite for a second referendum. Our residents are democratic and respect the result of the referendum of 2016 – the largest democratic exercise in our nation’s history. People want their politicians to respect the result and get on with the withdrawal process. It is however important that this is done in the right way and I continue to believe that only the Conservative Party can offer this to the electorate.”