MP calls for ticket change at Southport’s stations

Ticket Machine

Southport residents should be able to collect train tickets they book online at the town’s stations, MP Damien Moore has argued.

Writing to rail minister Jo Johnson, Damien said that it is an ‘unfair oversight’ that people cannot pick up tickets they have purchased online. ‘I am writing to you, therefore, to ask for your guidance and support in resolving this matter’.

The Southport MP added: ‘If we had a machine to collect tickets we’ve bought online, it would be a big help to both commuters and shoppers. We could cut out frustrating waits in queues, and everyone could just get on with their journeys.

‘Our town relies on commuters traveling out and tourists coming in. We need to transform our transport to help that process as much as we can.

‘I look forward to hearing back from the minister.’