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Damien Moore MP supports campaign to End the Cage Age


On 22 May, leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming held a walk-in briefing session for Members of Parliament, in support of Compassion in World Farming’s End the Cage Age campaign. 

Damien Moore MP attended the session to show his support for a future where British farming is cage-free, and the United Kingdom leads the way globally in ensuring the highest possible levels of farm animal welfare. 

Despite the obvious failings of this outdated technology, around 16 million farm animals are trapped in cages every year in the UK. Cages confine restrict and thwart many of an animal’s natural instincts. They are inhumane, outdated and clearly detrimental to farm animal welfare. 

After attending the briefing on 22 May, Damien Moore MP said:

'Several countries across the EU have already prohibited certain cages that are permitted in the UK; the UK must take a more ambitious approach to introducing higher welfare farming systems so it is not to be left behind.

I am delighted to support the End the Cage Age campaign, which already has such widespread public support and I will continue to campaign for cage-free future for British farming.'

James West, Compassion in World Farming’s Senior Policy Manager, said:

'Cage systems are cruel and prevent so many essential natural behaviours. Yet, across the UK, millions of animals are confined in cages every year.

This is despite a wealth of robust scientific evidence to demonstrate the suffering caused by ‘enriched’ cages for laying hens and farrowing crates for sows.'


For more information please email Damien Moore MP on or call 01704 500 577.