DWP & Benefits

If you case relates to a benefit, pensions, or another matter dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions / HMRC, I may be able to intervene on your behalf.

Please note that any action I take is separate to any timescales you have been informed of by the DWP. For example, if you have been given 30 days to appeal a decision, and you then contact me about your case, you must still abide by the 30 day timeframe, regardless of any action I take on your behalf.

Examples of interventions I can make include:

  • Querying benefit decisions.
  • Ensuring that the correct information is held on you by the DWP.
  • Querying any overpayments.
  • Identifying and flagging errors made by the DWP.

My office cannot assist with filling out applications. If you need assistance with this, please contact the local Job Centre or Citizens Advice.

Please note that if contacting me about a DWP or benefit issue, I will require your National Insurance number.